Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome to our summer 2008 reading group ... a little early ...

Following the two-years-running modest-but-acceptable success of the School of Library and Information Studies summer reading group "Reading Information Studies," I'd like to invite folks from the world of Journalism & Mass Communication to engage in a similar summer reading group, "Reading Communication Studies." The idea is that together we pick three books that we might not normally read in seminar or research, but should -- one must be fiction -- and work through them at a pace of one book per month over the summer. This blog works as a site to discuss what we're reading as we go along. We'll also use the blog to coordinate one in-person meeting for each book, each one to be held on a (hopefully) nice day at the Memorial Union Terrace over whatever snacks and drinks folks wish to purchase. Interested? Great. Just email to be added to the weblog here, and watch this space for our announcements of books and meeting times this summer.

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